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Future Catalyst (1 DAY)

Transforming Your Organisation and Career for the Future Economy

In the 4th Industrial Revolution, many existing businesses and professions will be disrupted, and possibly eliminated.

In order to survive or even thrive in this disruptive age, organisations and individuals need to prepare and transform themselves – TODAY. You must grasp the structure and shape of the future economy, master the strategies and secrets of disruption, and develop new thinking and capabilities to win the digital game.

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The Incredible Rise of the Intelligence Economy (45 mins to 2 hours)

The age of accelerating disruptions has arrived. We are in the early stages of a techno-economic revolution that will fundamentally transform the world as we know it. Within the next 15 years, powerful and disruptive intelligent technologies will reach tipping point and pervade every part of the economy, businesses and our daily lives. This revolutionary shift from the Information Economy to the Intelligence Economy will create unprecedented opportunities for innovators but radically disrupt the nature of economies, business and work. How should we prepare our organisations and ourselves to be future-ready for this Future Economy - today?

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Fast Forward You (1 DAY)

In this new era, technologically superior enterprises will dominate the market, disrupt existing industries and conceive new growth sectors. Massive value is created and shared amongst investors, entrepreneurs and workers in this exponentially growing Innovation Economy.

This one-of-its-kind program is designed for mid-career executives and professionals (PMEs)  to appreciate and capture the new opportunities of this Innovation and Digital based Economy. You will learn the mindsets, insights and tools essential for exploiting these opportunities and bringing your career to its next level of growth.

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Future Enterprise (2 Day)

Co-developed with Singapore Business Federation, to equip enterprise leaders and business owners with visibility of the Future Economy and capability to innovate.

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Future HR (1 DAY)

Partnering Singapore Human Resources Institute to bring you the future perspective of the human resources leadership and function.

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“Old models are not working, new models are coming thick and fast, and we're having to adjust and to keep up, because of technology and globalisation. And the disruption will happen over and over again, relentlessly.", Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, National Day Rally 2016


“We are at the beginning of a revolution that is fundamentally changing the way we live, work, and relate to one another. In its scale, scope and complexity,... the fourth industrial revolution is unlike anything humankind has experienced before., Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Chairman World Economic Forum

New Future

“The global economy is being transformed by changes far greater in speed and scale than any other in human history... national policies, regional strategies and long accepted economic theories are now irrelevant to the new realities of our new hyper-connected, tightly integrated, highly interactive, and technologically revolutionanized economy.”, Al Gore

Are You Ready For the 4th Industrial Revolution?

According to many experts, the world is facing rapidly accelerating change and will be drastically transformed in the next 15 years. Robots, smart drones, autonomous vehicles and emerging forms of artificial intelligence will take centrestage in the global economy, disrupting many existing industries, businesses and jobs.

In this new intelligence-based economy, machines will become infinitely smarter and more connected than they are today, fundamentally changing the way we live, work and play. Numerous studies from respected institutions are predicting that many of today’s industries will be disrupted, companies eliminated and jobs automated within the coming decades.

At the same time, this Fourth Industrial Revolution (a term coined by World Economic Forum) will also create new types of economic opportunities, which will require remarkably different mindsets, strategies and capabilities.

How will this future of economy, business, work and jobs look like? Who are the winners and losers in the new paradigm? Most importantly, how can you prepare your company, career and children to succeed in this future economy?

Join us to find out before it’s too late!


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